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mise en place​ [mi zɑ̃ ˈplas] n. 

A French culinary phrase meaning "putting in place" or "gather." It refers to the setup required before cooking and is often used in professional kitchens with respects to organizing and arranging the ingredients beforehand.

Start with mise en place and anyone can give Julia Child a run for her money. So, let's write recipes that way.

A professional of a few things, one of them being a bakery owner. An amateur of a lot of things but with a fierce stubbornness to never stop exploring. I cook modern food born from all those that came before. I cook food born from a never-ending wanderlust. I travel a lot. I eat a lot. My love language is cooking, feeding, and nourishing. A lifetime of skinned knees and bruises that I will never outgrow and hope that I don't ever stop collecting. 

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