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Banana Coconut Refresher

Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is basically another margarita. Again. But hey, I'm nothing if not consistent. This one was an absolute must because I FINALLY got my hands on a bottle of the most delectable, silkiest, banana-est banana liqueur in the biz: Giffard's Banane du Brésil. For the foreseeable future (or until the bottle runs out), this is the cocktail you will find me sipping on any sunny day, as I contemplate packing up and moving to the tropics permanently.


In a rocks glass

2 oz Tequila Blanco

3/4 oz Banane du Brésil*

Juice of half a (juicy) lime

Generous splash of coconut water

*Tempus Fugit Creme de Banane will do if you're really in a pinch.



Add all of the ingredients directly into your favorite glass over ice. Stir excitedly.


Garnish with edible flowers or a lime wheel.


Try not to down the whole thing in one gulp.


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