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Frozen Dragonfruit Margarita

In the world of refreshing beverages, there's just nothing like a frozen margarita. It's sweet, salty, sour, and ice cold. The basic frozen marg is also a fantastic jumping off point for creating new and exciting flavors. This dragonfruit version is one of my all-time favorites. The striking fuchsia hue and subtle tropical flavor puts an already perfect drink right over the top. I will be sipping these in the back yard all spring and summer.


In a blender

Heaping handful of frozen dragonfruit chunks

2 oz 21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila

1 oz Fresh lime juice

1 oz Grand Marnier (or orange liqueur of your choice)

Generous squirt of agave



Add cocktail ingredients to a blender and blend just until smooth. Don't overdo it or you might have a watery cocktail on your hands.


Rim a rocks glass with sugar.


Pour cocktail into rimmed glass and garnish with a lime wheel.


Do yourself a favor and pair this Mexican masterpiece with some Spicy Elote Cheese Dip!


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