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Easiest, Creamiest Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Simple and sweet vanilla bean ice cream. Perfectly classic on its own but sky's the limit on what you can add in or how you can customize to make it all yours. No churning, no fuss, no special machines.


Large Bowl

2 cups heavy whipping cream

Medium Bowl

1 can [14 oz.] sweetened, condensed milk

1 healthy tablespoon of vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract

1 teaspoon salt



In the first bowl, whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks.


Using a hand mixer or food processor, blend together the ingredients in the second bowl.


Fold the second bowl into the first bowl taking care not to deflate the stiff peaks. Take your time.


Pour the mixture into whatever freezing dish you like- loaf pan, Tupperware, mixing bowl, etc. Freeze for several hours until set or overnight.


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