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S'mores Ice Cream Bars

Toasted marshmallows are my kryptonite. They're gooey, sweet, crispy, charred, and smoky in one fell swoop- do you know how hard chefs work to incorporate so many flavor notes and textures into a recipe? And toasted marshmallows just sashay into the room and do it without breaking a sweat.

Did you eat Klondike bars growing up? Do you still enjoy the dreaminess of Klondike bars as a semi-responsible adult? Me too. But, my one gripe about Klondike bars is their simplicity. Yes, there are times when warm vanilla and deep chocolate are the only things you need; chocolate flake bar in a vanilla soft serve anyone? Yet, when creating this recipe I wanted a little more bang for my buck.

We'll be using a no-churn ice cream to create these crunchy, melty, creamy ice cream bars. If

you'd like to skip over this step, go for it. Buy a pint of marshmallow ice cream, peel away the cardboard, and slice into thick wedges. But trust me, this ice cream is worth its weight in gold. And, it won't take more than ten minutes of prep time. Because we're dipping these ice cream sandwiches in a chocolate shell, they'll hold up in the freezer for a good while. This is a great make-ahead dessert if you're like me and don't care to be standing in the kitchen all day prior to a party.


Bowl #1

2 cups heavy cream, chilled

Bowl #2- Food Processor

One can sweetened condensed milk, 14 ounces

One bag of marshmallows, 10 ounces, toasted (and when I say toasted, I mean charred)

Pinch of salt

On the sidelines:

Chocolate Shell, recipe follows

Graham crackers, crushed for topping



Let's start by toasting your marshmallows. This is how I prefer to do it and full disclosure, it's gonna get a little messy- spray a baking sheet with non-stick spray. Spread out the marshmallows in an even layer and place in your oven on the broiler setting. Broil until really toasty. Pull out the baking sheet and with a spatula, scrap the marshmallows upside down so the toasted tops are facing down. Place the baking sheet back into the oven and broil again. Repeat until you have reached your desired level of toastiness.


In your food processor, empty the can of sweetened condensed milk, pinch of salt, and scrape the warm toasted marshmallows off the pan and into the processor bowl. Process for 15 seconds. Scrape the mixture into a medium bowl.


With the whisk attachment on your standing mixer or a handheld mixer, beat your heavy cream until stiff peaks.


With a rubber spatula, scoop about one-third of the whipped cream into the medium bowl containing the marshmallow mixture. Fold until combined.


Pour the marshmallow mixture back into the bowl containing your whipped cream and fold until completely incorporated. Take care not to deflate the stiff peaks too much as this is how we are avoiding the use of an ice cream churn.


Line a 9x13 pan with parchment paper or plastic wrap leaving a few inches of overhang on the sides. Pour the ice cream base into the pan and place plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the ice cream. Freeze overnight.


Chocolate Shell

Bowl #1

250 grams chocolate- the darker the better, either in chip form or chopped up

190 grams refined coconut oil

75 grams light corn syrup

Pinch of salt

Dash of vanilla extract


Place your microwaveable bowl and all its contents into the microwave and nuke in small increments- like 20 seconds or so and mix well between each nuke. When everything is melted together and smooth, you've done it!


Bringing These Babies Together


When your ice cream is frozen solid, remove from pan using the overhang of parchment paper or plastic wrap. Either cut into squares or using a cookie cutter, stamp out circles. Place ice cream onto a plate and throw back into the freezer.


One at a time, dip your ice cream pieces into the chocolate shell dip. There are a few ways you can do this- I stick a fork in the side of the ice cream but you could also use a popsicle stick. After I dip the ice cream, I like to twirl it around until the shell sets and the shininess is gone. Place right back into the freezer.


Repeat and repeat.


Let your newly dipped ice cream sandwiches set thoroughly in the freezer for about two hours. Afterwards, I take a pastry brush and lightly brush the tops with more chocolate shell and sprinkle with crushed graham crackers. Freeze again until set.

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